Nathan Long - Web Developer

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I am a web developer looking for a junior-level position in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, working with PHP and/or Ruby on Rails. My coding experience includes PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript (including the jQuery library), and xHTML with CSS-driven layout.

In web design, I favor speed and ease of use over flashy graphics. Although I've got an eye for visuals (I won a statewide photojournalistic award in 2005), I'm not primarily a graphic designer. I do have basic proficiency with image editing and with creating graphics in Adobe Illustrator.

The sites linked here are examples of my work, all hand-coded from scratch. The last link has examples of my work as a photographer.

Work Samples

Intranet Site
A suite of intranet resources I built for my current employer (Flash video).
Music Site
My music site, created around 2003 and sporadically improved and updated since. The current version is hand-coded PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Intranet Site
An assortment of photos that I've taken as a journalism student, a working reporter and photographer, and for my own enjoyment.
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